Saturday, August 1, 2015

Scotland photo diary

A short photo diary of Scotland trip. We were there for 5 days (minus a day for arriving and leaving). It was enough time to enjoy the beauty of historical city and to spend some nice time with a family. The weather in Scotland was very chill and it was rainy time to time. We were lucky that we didn't catch the rain when we needed it, such as when we went for a day trip to St. Andrews and Kingdom of Fife or when we were exploring Edinburgh castle or hiking on a hill at Holyrood park.

You may see some pictures very dark and cloudy, however, I did very like Edinburgh. It was very different and love those builduings. I am sure coming back to Scotland!

Right now I am in Shanghai, much more different climate and looking forward to spend couple weeks here. Will be updating some old stuff that I have preapred for you as well as with photos from my travel as soon as I collect pictures together. For now, you can follow me on instagram or facebook or follow me on snapchat (@ thuyphamt) for updates!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Temporary tattoos


So I am sure that you all have been exposed to these temporary tattoos on images from beach or festivals. I have fallen to this emerging summer trend too. It just reminds me the childhood when you get small tattoos in gums or under yogurts (does somebody remembers that too?). 

These are super fashionable and easy to use. There are variety of colours, sizes and shapes and you are free to experiment on your body as you like. Every temporary tattoo stay up to a week and I goes very well to summer outfits. These are from Bare Baroque and they have many choices of tatoos packs. It was very hard to choose which one to start with first. So here are little review of images and Bare Baroque's temporary tattoos on me so far. Summer has not end, so I will change and wear them every day! Have you fallen into this trend too? Share with us your image with a tattoo and let's get inspired by each other!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dear London


Dear London,

3 years has passed (it might be a little less if I do not include all holidays and days back home in Czech) since I have moved to London to study at the university. Now, I have just returned back from a week of holiday with my family in UK and from a graduation ceremony that I am pleased that all my beloved ones have managed to attend.

Now I am back and ready to share a little story to you.